Text Style Props

Inherits Text Style Props.


Property Supported Supported on Roku Dynamic on Roku Notes
color ~v ~v ~v  
fontFamily Partial ~x ~v System fonts not supported; only bold or regular values available on Roku
fontSize Partial Partial ~v Basic support implemented.
When fontSize is unset or is set to a value less than or equal to zero, the default size of 14 is used.
fontStyle ~x ~x ~x Italic would require a second Roku font
fontVariant ~x ~x Not Possible  
fontWeight ~x ~x ~x “normal” and “bold” values are supported on Roku
includeFontPadding ~x ~x Not Possible Android only
letterSpacing ~x Not Possible Not Possible  
lineHeight ~v Partial ~v On Roku, text spacing may not appear as intended if a line height value less than the font size is specified.
shadowRadius ~x ~x ~x  
textAlign ~v ~v ~v Roku supports this for left, center and right alignment values
textAlignVertical ~x ~x Not Possible  
textDecorationColor ~x ~x Not Possible  
textDecorationLine Partial ~x ~x Support for underline
textDecorationStyle ~x ~x Not Possible  
textShadowColor ~x ~x ~x  
textShadowOffset ~x ~x ~x  
textTransform ~x ~x ~x  
writingDirection ~x Not Possible Not Possible