Property Supported Supported on Roku Dynamic on Roku Notes
Inherits responder props from View        
numberOfLines ~v ~v ~v  
selectable ~x ~x N/A  
accessible ~v ~v N/A  
accessibilityHint ~v ~v ~x  
accessibilityLabel ~v ~v ~x  
ellipsizeMode Partial ~v ~v Only tail and clip values are supported
nativeID ~v ~x N/A  
onLayout ~v ~v N/A  
onLongPress ~v ~x N/A  
onPress ~v ~x N/A  
pressRetentionOffset ~x ~x N/A  
allowFontScaling ~x ~x ~x  
style Partial No No  
testID ~v ~v N/A  
disabled ~x ~x ~x  
selectionColor ~x ~x ~x  
textBreakStrategy ~x ~x Not Possible  
adjustsFontSizeToFit ~v ~v ~v See the note below
minimumFontScale ~v ~v ~v  
maxFontSizeMultiplier ~x ~x    
suppressHighlighting ~x ~x Not Possible  


Method Supported (not Roku) Supported on Roku Dynamic on Roku Notes
isTruncated ~v ~v ~v Returns whether the text was truncated because it didn’t fit into the given space.