Property Supported Supported on Roku Dynamic on Roku Notes
Inherits View props.        
alwaysBounceVertical ~x ~x Not Possible  
contentContainerStyle ~x ~x Unknown  
invertStickyHeaders ~v ~x ~x Only takes effect on vertical lists when stickyHeaderIndicies are defined and when children are updated. See Sticky Headers for a caveat around focusable sticky headers.
keyboardDismissMode ~x ~x N/A  
keyboardShouldPersistTaps ~x ~x N/A  
onContentSizeChange ~v ~v N/A  
onMomentumScrollBegin ~v ~v N/A  
onMomentumScrollEnd ~v ~v N/A  
onScroll ~v ~v N/A  
onScrollBeginDrag ~v ~x N/A  
onScrollEndDrag ~v ~x N/A  
pagingEnabled ~x ~x ~x  
refreshControl ~x ~x ~x  
removeClippedSubviews ~x ~x ~x  
scrollEnabled ~v ~v ~v  
showsHorizontalScrollIndicator ~x ~x ~x  
showsVerticalScrollIndicator No ~x ~x  
stickyHeaderIndices ~v ~x ~x  
endFillColor ~x ~x ~x  
overScrollMode ~x ~x Not Possible  
scrollPerfTag ~x ~x Not Possible  
alwaysBounceHorizontal ~x ~x Not Possible  
horizontal ~v ~v ~v  
automaticallyAdjustContentInsets ~x ~x Not Possible  
bounces ~x ~x Not Possible  
bouncesZoom ~x ~x Not Possible  
canCancelContentTouches ~x ~x Not Possible  
centerContent ~x ~x Not Possible  
contentInset ~x ~x Not Possible  
contentInsetAdjustmentBehavior ~x ~x Not Possible  
contentOffset ~x ~x Not Possible See Notes on content offset below.
decelerationRate ~x ~x Not Possible  
directionalLockEnabled ~x ~x Not Possible  
indicatorStyle ~x ~x Not Possible  
maximumZoomScale ~x ~x Not Possible  
minimumZoomScale ~x ~x Not Possible  
pinchGestureEnabled ~x ~x Not Possible  
scrollEventThrottle ~v ~x Not Possible iOS only
scrollIndicatorInsets ~x ~x Not Possible  
scrollsToTop ~x ~x Not Possible  
snapToAlignment ~v ~v ~v  
snapToInterval ~v ~v ~v  
zoomScale ~x ~x Not Possible  
nestedScrollEnabled ~x ~x    
snapToEnd ~x ~x Unknown  
snapToOffsets ~x ~x Unknown  
snapToStart ~x ~x Unknown  

Notes on contentOffset

  • Negative contentOffset values do not apply. If used, the contentOffset value is set to 0.
  • Setting contentOffset to a value that results in a scroll position exposing space between the edge of the list and the first or last item of the list is not supported.
  • contentOffset only works in the direction of the list. This means that setting the following on a horizontal list does nothing to the list:

    `contentOffset={{ y: 150}}`
  • If initialScrollIndex is used with contentOffset, the initialScrollIndex prop takes priority.
  • The Roku ScrollView always scrolls the currently focused element into view. Scrolling to a specific location is not supported.


Method Supported (not Roku) Supported on Roku Dynamic on Roku Notes
scrollTo ~v ~v N/A  
scrollToEnd ~v ~v N/A  
scrollWithoutAnimationTo (deprecated) ~x ~x N/A  
flashScrollIndicators ~x ~x ~x