• You can also use react-native-modal with You.i Platform by running yarn add react-native-modal from the terminal.
  • You.i TV recommends that You.i Roku Cloud apps use only modals with simple animations, such as fades or slides, from react-native-modal. Complex animations with scaling or bouncing have rendering issues on Roku. For all other supported platforms, You.i Platform supports all modals from react-native-modal, except scrollable.
  • Set useNativeDriver to true for modals to animate effectively on all supported target platforms, including Roku.
  • Modal is not currently supported for LG webOS target platforms.


Property Supported Supported on Roku Dynamic on Roku Notes
animated (deprecated) ~x ~x N/A Use animationType instead
visible ~v ~v N/A  
supportedOrientations ~x ~x N/A  
onRequestClose ~x ~v N/A  
onShow ~v ~v N/A  
transparent ~x ~v N/A  
animationType ~v ~x N/A  
hardwareAccelerated ~v ~x N/A Android only
onDismiss (back button support) ~v ~v N/A  
onOrientationChange ~v ~v N/A  
presentationStyle ~x ~v N/A