Image Style Props

Inherits Image Style Props.


Property Supported Supported on Roku Dynamic on Roku Notes
backfaceVisibility ~x ~x ~x  
backgroundColor ~x ~v ~v  
borderBottomLeftRadius ~x Not Possible ~x  
borderBottomRightRadius ~x Not Possible ~x  
borderColor ~x Not Possible ~x  
borderRadius ~x Not Possible ~x Roku 8.0 doesn’t support rounded corners
borderTopLeftRadius ~x Not Possible ~x  
borderTopRightRadius ~x Not Possible ~x  
borderWidth ~x Not Possible ~x  
opacity ~x ~x Unknown  
overflow ~x ~x ~x  
overlayColor ~x ~x Not Possible  
resizeMode ~v Partial ~v Roku currently only supports contain, stretch and cover, but repeat and center modes are displayed as stretch on Roku. overflow is not supported. See the Roku docs for more details. You.i TV recommends not using resizeMode as an Image component’s prop, but as an ImageStyle prop.
tintColor ~v ~x Not Possible