Property Supported Supported on Roku Dynamic on Roku Notes
Inherits ScrollView props.        
Inherits VirtualizedList props.        
renderItem ~v ~v N/A The native Roku list only supports one list item template. The renderItem template used should be same for every item in the list.
data ~v ~v Unknown  
ItemSeparatorComponent ~x ~x N/A  
ListEmptyComponent ~v ~x N/A  
ListFooterComponent ~v ~x N/A  
ListHeaderComponent ~v ~x N/A  
columnwrapperstyle ~x ~x ~x  
extraData ~v ~v N/A  
getItemLayout ~v ~v N/A  
horizontal ~v ~v Unknown  
initialNumToRender ~v ~x N/A For more details on Roku lists, see Roku List Development.
initialScrollIndex ~v ~v N/A  
inverted ~x ~x ~x  
keyExtractor ~v ~v N/A  
numColumns ~v ~v Unknown  
onEndReached ~v ~v N/A  
onEndReachedThreshold ~v ~v N/A  
onRefresh ~x ~x N/A  
onViewableItemsChanged ~v ~v N/A  
progressViewOffset ~x ~x Not Possible  
legacyImplementation ~x ~x N/A  
refreshing ~x ~x N/A  
removeClippedSubviews ~x ~x N/A  
viewabilityConfig ~x ~x N/A  
viewabilityConfigCallbackPairs ~x ~x N/A  


Supported Supported on Roku Dynamic on Roku Notes
scrollToEnd ~v ~v N/A  
scrollToIndex ~v ~v N/A  
scrollToItem ~v ~v N/A  
scrollToOffset ~v ~v N/A  
recordInteraction ~x ~x N/A  
flashScrollIndicators ~x ~x ~x