Build and Deploy the RN Sample App on Roku

You.i Platform includes a sample app called RN Sample App. Follow these instructions to build and deploy RN Sample App to your Roku device.

Make a copy of the RNSampleApp folder. In this example, we’re creating the copy in our home directory.

cp -R ~/youiengine/<version>/samples/RNSampleApp .

Build the app (choose the tab for your development platform).

cd RNSampleApp
youi-tv build -p osx -d YI_BUILD_CLOUD_SERVER=ON
cd RNSampleApp
youi-tv build -p linux -d YI_BUILD_CLOUD_SERVER=ON

Start the server.


Start the bundling server. Open a new terminal window and navigate to the RNSampleApp folder.

cd RNSampleApp
yarn start

Side-load the client onto the Roku. Open a new terminal window and navigate to the RNSampleApp/client folder.

cd RNSampleApp/client
youi-tv roku-client -l -s <Roku device IP address> -u rokudev:<password>

As a reminder, you set the password required for this command when you put the Roku device into developer mode. To determine the device IP address, on your Roku device, go to Home > Settings > Network > About.

The RNSampleApp screen appears on your Roku device.