Testing Your App with the Preview Tool

The Preview Tool provides several functions to test your AE design, including:

A screen capture of the You.i TV Preview Tool with the Animations, Content, and Screen menus highlighted.

  • Animations: View the behavior of various timelines. See Preview Animation Menu Options.
  • Content: View the effects of changing images, altering backgrounds, randomizing text strings, or viewing outlines. See Preview Content Menu Options.
  • Screen appearance: The Preview Tool has various device resolutions built in so that you can effectively test the look-and-feel of your designs with the appropriate screen sizes. See Preview Screen Menu Options.

To see a complete list of keyboard shortcuts, press the h or F1 key once the Preview tool is open.

To access the Preview tool:

  1. Open the After Effects Composition menu.
  2. Select You.i: Preview Current Composition to preview the currently active composition.

Screen capture of the AE Composition menu with the selected menu item You.i : Preview Current Composition

The AE Composition menu also offers the following items:

  • You.i: Re-Preview Last Composition: This menu item offers a quick way to preview compositions with components that may change frequently; for example, the parent composition of a button you are currently working with.
  • You.i: View Preview App Log: This menu item displays the logs of events that happened each time the Preview tool runs.