File Naming Conventions

Using a consistent naming convention for your After Effects files and assets is a way to simplify the app development process. Naming conventions help ensure that files are clearly organized, eliminate confusion when handing files to developers, and make it easier for multiple people to work on the same set of files.

The following are a series of best practices related to naming conventions that You.i TV recommends that you follow when beginning any app development project.

File Structure

When designing screens for a particular form factor, name your folders to reflect the kind of form factor being worked in. For example, screens and assets created for tablet should reside in a folder named Tablet; handset screens and assets should reside in a folder named Handset; and screens and assets created for 10-foot should reside in a folder named TV.

After Effects Project folders showing Table, Handset, and TV.

Within the requisite form factor folders, place assets in folders named Assets, and solids in folders named Solids.

Compositions, Layers and Images

When naming compositions, layers and images, group terms together hierarchically to create a logical and meaningful name. Separate each category in the name with a hyphen. Use the following category structure:


Always begin the name with an uppercase letter. Keep to this practice even when the name is separated by dashes, for example, CamelCase-CamelCase. Avoid using the same name for multiple layers to eliminate confusion. Use a similar approach when naming your solids or PNG files.

Download the Production Workflow Cheatsheet.