Exporting Your Design

If you change your AE files, you need to export those changes to the You.i Platform before you build the app.

When your AE compositions are complete, export them to a format that can be used by the You.i Platform:

  1. In the AE Composition menu, select You.i: Export All Compositions.

    Screen capture of the AE Composition menu with the selected menu item You.i : Export All Compositions

  2. When requested to select the export folder, navigate to the following directory: <MyApp>/AE/assets.

    Screen capture showing the AE folder with subfolder Assets in the project folder.

The Exporter uses the following naming convention for the files it produces: <AE-file-name>_<composition-name>. By convention, the AE files of an app have their topmost composition named Main. For example, when the Home.aep file is exported, it produces a .layout file and a .timeline file for each composition in the Home.eap file, including a Home_Main.layout file and a Home_Main.timeline file for the topmost composition.