The You.i TV Design Process

A typical design process at You.i TV involves teams working together in an agile environment. It’s an iterative process, since we have to accommodate and tweak designs as client requirements change and visual designs undergo review. Sometimes we need to adjust the design to accommodate You.i Platform functionality.

The UX design process

Interaction Design

Requirements are gathered by the IXD team to create wireframes and prototypes. The team conducts surveys, market research, and user testing sessions to validate their concepts and the app flow.

Visual Design

Visual designers use these wireframes to create branded designs for the motion designers and developers to build the app. Visual design involves creating app icons as well as defining the color scheme, patterns, screen layouts, typography and more. The industry offers a large array of tools to create such designs, but You.i TV currently uses primarily Adobe Photoshop and Sketch.

Motion Design

Motion designers work on translating these visual designs into After Effects files that are compatible with You.i Platform. They apply motion graphics to the UI components and create screen transitions, loaders, splash screen animations and more. The motion designers work very closely with developers and testers throughout the course of the project, to realize the project’s vision.

The Design Workflow

The You.i TV Design Workflow