Designing Apps with After Effects

After Effects is a motion graphics tool. Paired with the You.i AE Plugin, After Effects is capable of building UI components and screens. Consider AE as a supplement to the standard development phase of a project. With AE, designers and developers can quickly assemble content into interactive elements, define states, add layout, and create animations. As a supplementary tool, project teams can use as little or as much AE as they’d like.

Using After Effects (AE) and the AE Plugin allows you to establish the look and feel of an app, preview the app while still working in AE, and export content. This includes all the data required to build the interface, everything from layer names and classifications to animation details.

The exported files are then taken into the final stages, where developers bind functionality to the UI elements. For example, After Effects can provide the button to play a video, but developers need to connect that button to the video playback code.

Download the Production Workflow Cheatsheet.