Component Library Panel

The Library panel provides you with a prebuilt component library. It’s an excellent tool for quickly setting up a project, learning standard conventions, and storing your own custom components.

To access the Library Panel, open the Window Tab top bar and select You.i Library.jsx near the bottom of the dropdown menu.

Accessing Library Panel

The Library panel is multifaceted. You can use components from the default You.i library, create your own user library or even access a custom project library.

Add and Remove Icons

  • You can add components from the Library to your current composition by selecting the component within the Library panel and then clicking Add to Project.
  • You can add to the list of components within your User Library or Project Library by selecting a composition within your Project panel and clicking Add to Library in the Library panel.
  • Lastly, you can remove components from your User Library or Project Library by select the component within the Library panel and clicking Delete in the Library panel.

Default Library

You can place components from the default library into your compositions and then modify that instance as required. Select the component within the Library panel and then click Add Icon to Project.

Project Library

You can create a custom project library for all your branded components for easy access and exchange. Switch to the Project Library in the panel dropdown, then select the component and click the middle icon. To test the result, check for the component inside a Library folder created inside the AE folder of your project.

User Library

This option lets you create a library of your personal components. Switch to the User Library option in the library dropdown and then navigate to your personal library folder location using the Link a local user library icon beside the dropdown. The user library is then loaded in the panel. You can add more components to this library, edit the existing components, and even remove a component using Delete icon.