Your First C++ App

You.i Platform provides C++ samples in the You.i Platform’s Samples folder. Build and generate the Hello World sample app by doing the following the steps:

Open a Terminal or Windows PowerShell window.

Copy the sample you want to work with from ~/youiengine/<version>/samples to a new folder outside of youiengine.

cp -R ~/youiengine/<version>/samples/HelloWorld ~/projects

Enter your the new project application folder.

cd ~/projects/HelloWorld

Generate and build the project.

youi-tv build -p <target_platform>

where target_platform can be any of the following: osx, ios, tvos, uwp, ps4, tizen-nacl, webos3, webos4, or android.

Verify that the resulting application is in the project’s build folder: build/<platform>/Debug

If desired, load the app onto a device. Run the app by executing build/<platform>/Debug/HelloWorld or by launching it on the device.

You may prefer to build your design with IDE tools or to set different configuration options. For additional details, see youi-tv build.

To exclude specific files or file extensions or file directories during project generation, see Excluding Files or File Directories or File Extensions.