You.i Engine C++ Installation

You.i Engine One supports C++ app development on Linux, macOS, and Windows. When it comes to which you’ll use, it depends on your target platform(s). Some target platforms have toolsets available for all our development platforms, while others only support some.

Supported Development Platforms

Target Platform Linux macOS Windows
Android (Touch, TV) ~v ~v ~v
Amazon Fire TV ~v ~v ~v
Apple iOS   ~v  
Apple tvOS   ~v  
LG TV (webOS 3, webOS 4) ~v    
Roku with You.i Engine Cloud ~v ~v1  
Sony PlayStation 4     ~v
Samsung TV (Tizen) ~v ~v  
Xbox One X     ~v

1For Roku with You.i Engine Cloud, macOS is only supported for development; Linux is needed to build your final package.

Development Platforms

Select your chosen development platform to get set up: