Your First App

The best part about You.i Engine One is that you can code your application just once and deploy it on multiple target platforms. It’s easy to get started, especially if you’re already familiar with React Native.

Follow this tutorial to build your first You.i React Native app. From there, we’ll add features that give you the building blocks needed to write your own app.

Screen capture of your first You.i React Native application


This tutorial is written for You.i Engine One release 5.18. It works on development platforms macOS, Linux, or Windows. Before you get started, make sure you have NPM and Yarn installed.

Let’s Go!

Important: You’ll need a You.i Engine One product key to run the tutorial. If you don’t have one, request one here.

  1. Install the You.i TV command line interface tool, You.i Engine One, and any required dependencies youi-tv doctor requests.
    yarn global add youi-cli      
    youi-tv login    # Enter your product key when prompted.
    youi-tv install  # If asked, accept most recent version of Babel or other dependencies
    youi-tv doctor   # Resolve any missing components (but don't worry about Android for now)

    Use youi-tv doctor --help to get more information about doctor.

  2. Set up scaffolding for your app with youi-tv init.
    youi-tv init MyApp  # Creates a folder called MyApp for your project
    cd MyApp

    Then build (choose the tab for your current development platform):

    • youi-tv build -p osx
    • youi-tv build -p linux
    • youi-tv build -p uwp   
  3. Run your sample! First, use Yarn to start the Metro bundler.
    yarn start
    # Wait for the server to start (You'll see: "Loading dependency graph, done.")

    Then open a second terminal window, cd MyApp and start the sample app using the command below.

    • ./youi/build/osx/Debug/MyApp
    • ./youi/build/linux/Debug/bin/MyApp
    • ./youi/build/uwp/Debug/MyApp

Pro Tip: You can also use youi-tv run to generate, build, deploy, and launch your app.

That’s it! You’ve got a working sample application and framework for developing your own custom app.

Next, try customizing your app.