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v6.15 Latest release: Feb. 15, 2022

Engine Overview

Engine Overview

A breakdown of the structural components that make up You.i Platform.

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Cross-Platform Best Practices

Cross-Platform Best Practices

How to architect your cross-platform project for success.

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  • 1. Plan

    1. Plan

    Start planning your development strategy before you code.

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  • 2. Develop

    2. Develop

    Dive into help guides for common developer tasks.

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  • 3. Build

    3. Build

    Use our command line tool to build and launch your app.

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  • 4. Test

    4. Test

    Learn about the automated test frameworks we support.

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  • 5. Debug

    5. Debug

    From our heads-up panel to profiling, everything you need to debug.

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  • 6. Deploy

    6. Deploy

    Ready to go live? Package your app for deployment or app stores.

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  • API Reference

    API Reference

    Jump directly to the C++ API reference docs for You.i Platform.

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  • Install


    Get everything set up for C++ development.

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  • Design Workflow Overview

    Design Workflow Overview

    Learn about the You.i Design Workflow.

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  • Design with After Effects

    Design with After Effects

    Get started on designing apps with After Effects.

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